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Stop Funding Schools with local Property Taxes

- Fund schools through the state general fund, not local property taxes.

- Consolidate smaller districts to save money.

- Reform administrative functions to cut down on unnecessary positions.

- Stop unfunded mandates.


Submitted by tbciambor 5 years ago

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  1. oh, unfunded mandates..the term that the Cohoes City mayor loves to through around..a rule that gets no money to inforce..do you get money from the government for abiding by the rules? No..schools run on the use it or loss it theory..if they do not use what the state hands them the following year they will not recieve that amount..so the waste, waste, waste..as in Cohoes..some friend of a friend gets the poison waste food the feed the children..no oversite by the people..very little involvement..you have it 3 out of the 4 right on the head!

    5 years ago

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