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School Tax

I am a teacher, I work hard and do really important work with children. The future of our country depends on the quality of education that our students receive. I am sick and tired of being considered a burden on the taxpayer. One of the major problems is that money for education comes from an "extra" tax in addition to the already considerable tax that we pay on our incomes. Also, it is the only tax that we get to vote yes or no on. In addition it is often a tax that is unfair because it is in no way in proportion to a person's ability to pay it. I say our income tax needs to be the source of money for education. I am appalled by how often we hear of billions being set aside for fences and surveillance in the southwest. No one thinks that is outrageous. Yet, when we have paint peeling, roofs leaking, and teachers scraping by on inadequate salaries - there are cries of outrage over providing more money. It takes a long time for a teacher to make it into the middle class. Starting salaries are not in the professional range even though our education and credentials have to be in the professional range. I would like to be respected and compensated for the work that I do.


Submitted by dozolins 5 years ago

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  1. I think that this is from one of my children's teachers. She is so right. She is worth her weight in gold... but, where is the gold going? We should be using income tax for education, not pitting people against our schools like this, through regressive taxation.

    5 years ago
  2. The teachers near our home do very well. Plus, teachers don't work a full year and get PENSIONS. Aren't teacher pensions exempt from state income tax? WTF!

    4 years ago

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