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Local Government Consolidation

Consolidating local government will create a more efficient government which will save money for everyone.


Submitted by akelrick 5 years ago

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  1. This is the proposal that the Attorney General put forward to give voters and localities more tools to decide the forms of their own local governments.

    5 years ago
  2. That may be a good idea but it won't help people who are in danger of losing their homes RIGHT NOW!!!

    S4239 WILL DO THAT


    Consolidation shouldn't be palmed off as property tax relief...it may be good idea but it's a long process.....Albany needs to stop wasting time...

    They know what to do....the bill is excellent....they need to do it. ASAP

    5 years ago
  3. Consolidating government will, like the Arlington School District, become too big and too expensive

    5 years ago
  4. The Attorney General is to be applauded for his efforts on Special Taxing District Reform, as are many of the other statewide leaders who have voiced support for his efforts.

    Special district reform efforts

    As seen in Newsday, 5/11/08

    Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is to be commended for taking a bold position on special taxing district reform . He joins a growing list of legislators and good government groups that have vocally supported Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's efforts to introduce legislation that will streamline the process of consolidating wasteful special taxing districts statewide.

    This landmark legislation would allow for a simplified process by which citizens can petition to place a referendum for the consolidation of a specific district on the ballot. In Nassau County, the proliferation of these dysfunctional districts has reached pandemic proportions, and the attorney general is trying to give us a way to stop the bleeding for Nassau taxpayers.

    Jeff Guillot

    Project Coordinator

    The Nassau County Government Efficiency Project

    5 years ago

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