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Krueger Omnibus Circuit Breaker S4239

I am very happy that the star rebate was eliminated even though I have benefited from such a program in the past. I would rather give up a one time rebate check than have state employees give up 10% of there salary and benefits in order to balance the state budget. The Krueger Omnibus Circuit Breaker S4239 bill is a rational solution to the property tax problems that plague this state. The complicated formulars used to not address school districts needs in a fair and rational way. This fact has really been brought to my attention in that if our budget doesn't pass in my district this year the austerity budget will actually increase the taxes even more than the proposed budget. Something is really wrong here. I would urge the legislators of this state to seriously consider this bill as a long term solution to the state property tax problems.


Submitted by red314 5 years ago

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  1. State employee pensions and benefits are at least 10% better than private sector, so cut their lucrative benefits.

    4 years ago

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