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Krueger Omnibus Circuit Breaker S4239

I recently learned from a neighbor of mine whose primary residence is in another part of the state that he is disgusted with the STAR rebate being eliminated and he told me this represented $4,000 in his pocket. This individual makes over $500,000 per year. His primary residence is in a wealthier neighborhood in NYS than we are. I told him in our neighborhood we got a STAR rebate check for about $150 while we still pay over $10,000 on an annual basis in combined property taxes. Do any of you who are against the circuit breaker see the disparity??? There is a definate lack of fairness with regard to property taxes and the system has to change. Personally, I am very glad the STAR rebate has been eliminated because it will save the state a large sum of money. The Krueger bill (S4239) would help a lot of people in the middle and lower class. At the same time, the cost to the state with the elimination of STAR would be insignificant considering the size of current state budgets. If the state can afford to pay close to $1 billion to bring in a chip fab company via corporate welfare/NYS Empire Zone/NYS Empire State Economic Development Corporation, they certainly have the money to help honest, ethical, hard working, middle and lower class property owners. Of all the special interests that lobby government for favors, there is no group that is more neglected and abused than the residential property owner in their PRIMARY residence. For those who say the state doesn't have the money, I agree we are in a crisis. I have begged state elected leaders all over the state to cut spending and make the governments which impose unfunded mandates pay for those mandates such as No Child Left Behind and Medicaid. It hasn't worked!!! Give those who are paying a disproportionate share of their income toward taxes and we can use our resources to help implement a system which is more fair and equitable for all taxpayers. Cutting spending and eliminating unfunded mandates would be a significant part of the plan.


Submitted by pcbrothe 5 years ago

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  1. y

    The Omnibus bill is just a way for taxes to be increased on the middle class to support teacher salary hikes. The "middle class" is any household making $50,000 a year or more. Do not be fooled by the propoganda around the bill, read it yourself.

    The Omnibus bill would be fine if it came with a teacher salary freeze. Long Island teachers make more money than school teachers anywhere in the world.

    5 years ago
  2. Want to cut spending? Pass Kevin Cahill's Equity in Education Act that ends residential property taxes entirely and turns to income to fund education thruought NYS. It also calls for a return to true progressive income tax brackets, such as were in effct prior to 1972. When the most affluent among us finally have to pay their fair share again, they will implement spending cuts so fast our heads would swim. When those of modest means are paying most of the freight there is no incentive for the rich and powerful to change anything, or even give a damn, as we have seen for years.

    The Krueger bill S4239, should be supported now as a first step to the real comprehensive reform offered by Cahill AO6009. Those least able to pay need relief now and the Omnibus bill and Krueger aim to do just that. Lets not stop there, we need to demand further reforms and not stop at only much needed relief. The people cannot wait another year!

    5 years ago

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