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A bill to fund Public Education through the state income tax and consolidate special districts

The cost of public education should be moved from the regressive property tax to the progressive state income tax. This will result in a 2/3 reduction in property taxes for the average homeowner.

To bring greater efficiency to the cost remaining on property taxes to fund county, city, town, village and special districts there is a need to consolidate these local entities. County Govt. can remain unchanged but all special districts should be consolidated into the City, Incorporated Village, Townships in which they serve. This would include sanitation districts, parks, recreation, Library, Fire, Ambulance, roads, street lighting, sewers, etc.

These savings plus the school funding by the income tax would provide a total 75% reduction in property taxes.


Submitted by Mark West 5 years ago

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  1. It's ABSOLUTELY TRUE that the state should fund the lion's share of education. In fact the state is under a court order to do so based on the CFE lawsuit. Albany keeps putting off compliance.

    The Omnibus Solution upon which S4239-Sen. Liz Kreueger's bill is based has a reform component which would gradually introduce a state takeover of education and more of their share of medicaid..

    S4239 is necessary because people need relief immediately which the circuit would bring right away...while the reform portion was being worked on.

    5 years ago
  2. Mark West Idea Submitter

    I am happy to hear that a court order is in effect but it just goes to show how an order has no teeth if the state can just delay it. This legislation will end the delay and thanks to the existing court ruling it will not be judicially overturned as unconstitutional!

    5 years ago

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