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Property tax rates are driven by local expenses for schools, roads, health care, and other services. Many of these funding decisions are made at the local level, and they directly impact property and school tax levels.

The Senate recognizes there's a need for a joint state-local solution. Some people have proposed:

  • PROPERTY TAX CAPS: Capping property taxes, which would require either local cost or service reductions or both.
  • TAX RELIEF, REDUCTIONS AND REBATES: Direct tax relief to families and seniors through direct tax reductions and/or rebate checks, using state funds (which in a time of big deficits would require service cuts or new taxes). Tax relief can be provided as:
    • DIRECT REDUCTION of property tax bills (as in the Basic STAR program);
    • REBATE CHECK to all property taxpayers (as in the STAR Rebate program); and/or
    • CIRCUIT BREAKER to eliminate all or a part of property tax increases based on family income and local tax impact.
  • MANDATE RELIEF: Putting a stop to state policies and regulations that impose costs on local schools and governments without paying those costs.
  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT CONSOLIDATION: Consolidating overlapping local governments to reduce costs in an effort to reduce local taxes.

Your Senators are working on all these options and more.

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